Auto Transport Companies Find Shippers and Get Multiple Car Moving Quotes

Auto Transport Companies Find Shippers and Get Multiple Car Moving Quotes

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Shipping Your Vehicle in an Enclosed Carrier

Unless you request otherwise, your vehicle will be shipped using an open trailer. While this method is generally safe, it does mean your car will be exposed to the elements and highway conditions during the transport process. If you’re worried about your car being damaged on an open carrier, there is another option. You can ship your car in an enclosed trailer, but be prepared to pay a little more. For many car owners, it’s worth the extra money to protect their car during shipping. This type of transport is especially popular with owners of:
  • Vintage cars
  • Collectible vehicles
  • High-end sports cars
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Other motorized possessions such as motorcycles, ATVs and boats
If you’ve invested a lot of money either purchasing or restoring a car, it makes sense that you would want to take every precaution possible to protect it from damage.

The Advantages of Enclosed Carriers

There are many advantages to shipping your vehicle in a closed trailer as opposed to an open trailer. The obvious advantage is that your vehicle will be protected from the elements such as weather and road debris. Here are several other advantages to consider: Securing mechanism: These carriers are usually built with a special safety harness to keep your vehicle form sliding. Heavy-duty ropes also prevent the car from moving while the trailer is in motion, offering extra protection. Cloth overcoat Ask your auto transport service if they offer the cloth overcoat with their enclosed option, many of them do. Placing a protective overcoat on the vehicle further protects it from dirt and dust. Less demand Because fewer people request enclosed carriers, it is easier to reserve one. You will not have to reserve several weeks out as you may have to with an open carrier More Scheduling Flexibility: Because these trailers can typically only ship one vehicle at a time, you will have more flexibility in requesting pickup and delivery dates. Open carrier trailers ship more than one car at a time, and must schedule routes based on where and when they have to pick up the vehicles that are being shipped with yours. By securing a private transport, you won’t be subject to other people’s schedules.

Reserve Yours Today

If you have a restored, classic or vintage vehicle, or a luxury car that requires extra protection during shipping, a closed trailer is probably the best choice for you. Take advantage of our free Auto Transport Quote tool and receive up to four competitive bids customized for your needs. There is no cost to you, and you are under no obligation to buy.
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