Auto Transport Companies Find Shippers and Get Multiple Car Moving Quotes

Auto Transport Companies Find Shippers and Get Multiple Car Moving Quotes

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Tips for Shipping Your Car Cross-Country

Moving cross-country? Do yourself a favor and hire the expertise of a professional auto transport company. For a small amount of money, you can save yourself a large amount of stress. What you’re looking for is reliability. When you hand someone your keys for over-the-road transport, you want to know your vehicle will be delivered intact, on time, and within your budget. Follow our advice below to ensure you’ve hired a reputable company.

Keep Costs Down

Cross-country auto transport companies are freight brokers who will handle the necessary details between you, the vehicle owner, and the shipping company that gets your car from Point A to Point B. Generally, shipping companies haul more than one vehicle at a time, so part of the transport company’s job is to find the auto carrier with the most vehicles also being transported along your route. This will keep costs down for you since you are “sharing” the cost with other vehicle owners. You can, of course, arrange for personalized shipping at a greater cost.

A Schedule You Can Rely On

The transport company will also arrange your pick-up date and time, as well as delivery. You will want to schedule a pick up at least two-weeks in advance of your moving date to give the auto transport company enough time to find the most reasonable shipping arrangement for you. A reliable company will be able to give you the exact date and window of time when your vehicle will be picked up. The same is true of delivery. In most cases you will be able to arrange door-to-door pickup, although it may be less expensive to drop off and pick up at the transporter’s place of business. Bear in mind, if you choose door-to-door pickup and delivery, large trucks cannot always fit into suburban cul-de-sacs or areas with tight corners. You may need to find a neutral location near your residence for delivery.

Taking Care of Your Car

A vehicle is one of your most expensive possessions, and when you hand it over to someone else, you want to know they will take care of it as well as you would. A reputable company will always complete a vehicle inspection before loading your car. You should be present for this and sign the inspection report to show that you agree with it. The same will occur when your car is delivered. Inspect your car with a company representative, and note and sign any disputes about the condition of your car. Most vehicle transports are completed without incident, but even the most reliable carriers will have accidents. You need to protect yourself. Ask your carrier for a copy of their insurance coverage. At a minimum they are required by law to carry liability coverage. But you may wish to have more than that. You can either ask about the ability to purchase extra coverage through your carrier, or consult with your personal auto insurance carrier about what coverage is available for auto transport.

Getting Started

A good auto transporter will be able to provide you the best possible price with an accurate delivery schedule. They should also deliver your car in the same condition in which they picked it up. If not, they should cover any damages through their insurance coverage. To make sure you find the most reliable shipping for your vehicle at the best price, let us help. Use our Quotes tool to locate carriers in your area. Complete the Quote Tool today, and receive up to four custom auto moving quotes. There is no cost to you, and you are under no obligation to buy.
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