Auto Transport Companies Find Shippers and Get Multiple Car Moving Quotes

Auto Transport Companies Find Shippers and Get Multiple Car Moving Quotes

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Door-to-Door Auto Transport

When considering transporting your vehicle across country, you generally will have a few different service options available to you. These may include door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal. Of these options, the most common is door-to-door shipping.

How It Works

Door-to-door is what it sounds like, your car will be picked up at its current location, such as your home, and delivered directly to the destination you choose. This is obviously the most convenient option for consumers, but it is also the most expensive. If you choose door-to-door service, bear in mind that large truck trailers and tight corners don’t mix, so the truck that comes to load your car will not be able to drive into many suburban areas or into areas of difficult terrain because of maneuverability limitations. If you live in an area that is not manageable for large trucks, you may need to find a near-by location that is easily accessible to both you and the truck driver. Large parking lots are usually a good option.

Things to Consider

When the transporter arrives to load your vehicle, you will want to make sure you complete a joint inspection with a representative hired by your transport company. This may be the driver, or it may be a different individual. It is important to go through this inspection together so that you both agree to what is indicated on the pre-trip inspection report. You will need to sign this report, and its contents will affect any later claims you wish to make if anything happens to your car during transport. For extra protection, you should take several photos of your vehicle from different angles as further proof of the condition of your car. When your vehicle is delivered, you need to once again complete an inspection with a company representative.

Keeping Costs Down

While door-to-door shipping may not be the most cost efficient option available to you, its convenience far outweighs any negatives for most consumers. To help you keep costs down, make sure you schedule your shipment more than two weeks in advance. The carrier you choose will provide you with a list of requirements for transporting your vehicle. Follow this list and you should avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings that could delay your shipment, or cause your rates to increase.

Reserve Your Shipment Today

If door-to-door shipping sounds like the right choice for you, you can start searching for transport options today. To make sure you find the most reliable shipping for your vehicle at the best price, use our auto transports quote tool to locate carriers in your area. Complete the short online form, and receive up to four custom auto moving quotes.
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